Physics 501- Spring 2021

Quantum Mechanics II

The Course structure and content

Note: Lectures will begin Monday Jan11. Note: I send emails to the class via the registrar's email lists for this course. Please make sure that you have registered your email with the university. Unfortunately some service providers see this as an indication that this is spam and dumps the mail into a junk, or spam, or other labeled folder. I do not know how to get around this as I do not want to give everyone everyone else's email, I do not want to enter all 50 separate email addresses as separate emails, but I want people to get them. Please remember to look into your junk/spam/... folder as well if you do not get the emails for this class.

Plagerism, cheating, etc

In one word


Ian Cavers (Associate Dean of Science) has already sent more cheating cases from Science to the President's Advisory Committees on Student Discipline (PACSD) than PACSD normally deals with in a full year from the whole university, and he is doing a lot of filtering. So please -

Chat Channel

There is apparently a UBC graduate Student chat channel where you can drop in to talk with other grad students. I have no idea how this works, but it may offer a place where you can meet up with other students taking this course to discuss problem, assignments, confusions, etc. I have no used it so cannot offer any advice. If anyone wants to give more information, pls email me, and I can post it here.


Previous Year Topics

These may well get promoted to current.



Assignments and Solutions

The assignements and solutions are included in pdf form.They can be viewed with Acroread Acrobat Reader (Acroread) or if you run Linux, with gvi,okular, xpdf,...

If not handed in in class, put assignments into box on shelf outside my room (in 311 Hennings) labeled Phys 341. (Not into the metal sorting rack but into the box) The box is inside Rm 311 Hennings-- go right into the room up to the table, then turn right. The shelf is on your right. My office is straight ahead of you.