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Physics 200- Fall 2006

Relativity and Quanta

The Course structure and content

Midterm Fri Oct 20

(This date is set because I will be out of town on that date.)

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Course Notes

The notes, assignments, etc below are all pdf files, which are readable by Adobe Acroread, Ghostview, .... These are NOT "Lecture Notes" in that they are not the same as, nor do they necessarily cover the same material as, my lectures. They are supplimental reading, which in general cover some of the material of the course, but may also cover more.
Note that misprints may occur in my notes. $0.25 for any significant misprints discovered (first discoverer only). I decide on significance-- ie could it confuse the reader.]

These notes were either written by me or are links to other's notes. These are from last two years (2004, 2005) and I will probably be adding to them this year. Last year I had problem in that some people sometimes were not able to download the pdf notes into Windows web browsers. This is a bug either in the Apache software used to host these notes and/or Internet Explorer (IE would throw away the first 1K or so of the file and then not be able to read it.) If this problem reoccurs this year for anyone pls let me know.
I have also now included an ftp source for the notes. If you click on this, it will download the pdf file via ftp. Store it somewhere and then open using acroread or other reader of pdf files.


Reflections on Relativity These notes on relativity seem to be quite good, from the few I have read. Read them with a critical eye, but they may be helpful. They were written by Kevin Brown, but I know nothing about him.

Einstein 1905,~(ftp) English Translation of Einstein's 1905 paper on Special Relativity (obtained from www.fourmilab.ch/etexts/einstein)

Energy Mass Einstein 1905 ~(ftp) Einstein's 1905 paper on equivalence of energy and mass.

Quantum Mechanics



Supplementary Questions